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Topic Lead presenter + Co-presenters and Title Presentation
Plenary B Nigel Adams, University of Buckingham + Joan Lockyer, Coventry University
Comparing the approaches of two UK universities to teaching Business Enterprise
E6 Mopelola Margaret Adeyeye, Centre for Energy Research and Development + Abiodun S. Momodu, Centre for Energy Research and Development + Ayodola O. Olomola, Obafemi Awolowo University
Analysis of micro business financial and accounting systems in Osun State
E1 Gyan Prakash Agarwal, World Association for Small and Medium Enterprises
Role and Use of ICT in Enhancing the Competitiveness of SMEs with Some Best Practices
B4 Olayiwola Agoro, Federal Ministry of Science and Technology
Technology Incubation as Panacea for Entrepreneurial Capabilities: Nigeria Situation
A5 Catherine Abiola Akinbami, Centre for Industrial Research and Development
Preliminary issues in entrepreneurship education development – Nigeria context
A5 Naji Al Mahdi, National Institute for Vocational Education,
Developing Employability Skills through Entrepreneurship
S2 Jerome Albarus, CMB2 Group Limited
International Access to Procurement (A2P Programme)
B4 Chris Allington, Oxford Innovation Limited
The Role of Business and Innovation Centres in delivering focussed Business Support
B6 Stuart Anderson, Shell LiveWIRE
The Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Awards- Low level award funding with a big impact
B4 Peter Arnold, Newcastle Science City
The Newcastle Innovation Machine - an insight led approach to business creation
C1 Robert Ashton,
Practical examples of bridging the 'Big society' gap between rhetoric and reality
S4 Brian Barge, The Evidence Network
How to Assess the Impact of Enterprise Support Organizations
S5 Mike Bate, Inspiring Business Performance
Estonia: Developing SME support in a post soviet entrepreneurial economy
E5 Michelle Beckett, Linked2Success + Damian Thompson, Linked2Success
Creating New Business Opportunities using LinkedIn
B2 Colin Bell, Winning Moves Ltd
MyBiz Leeds - stimulating enterprise in low enterprise area
C6 Dinah Bennett, ICE + Nicola Scott, CoLibra
Any time, any place, any where – Home Based Businesses
B4 Robert Bernier, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Silicon Prairie Business Accelerator
E3 Geoff Berrow, 4theweb
Enrich your website with audio and video on a shoestring.
A3 Tina Boden, Winning Moves
Entrepreneurship & Young People - nature or nurture: educate or inspire?
B2 Tina Boden, Winning Moves + Tony Robinson OBE, SFEDI Group
Enterprise - Do You Get It?
A1 John Breen, Victoria University
Developing Entrepreneurs at University: An Australian Case Study
A6 Jackie Brierton, Young People's Enterprise Centre of Expertise (YPECOE)
Enterprise Support for a new generation of Entrepreneurs
Plenary C Janet Brumby, Young Enterprise Yorkshire & Humber
Enterprising Inspiration for Youth
E6 Phil Callaghan, Caltech CRM
Make the Most of Every Lead - Keep your Leads Red Hot
C1 Mike Chitty, Realise Development
How to Destroy an Enterprise Culture in the Community
M1 John Cox, SCA Limited
A Blueprint for Business and Personal Success
E4 Paul Crankshaw, Cobweb Information South Africa (Pty) Ltd
E-learning for enterprise promotion in South Africa: getting it to work
S2 Antony Davies, Beta Technology Limited
Business Buddies - Responding to the needs of local enterprises in Doncaster
B1 Simon Denny, The University of Northampton
Business Start Up Policy and Practice in the East Midlands : Playing Output Games?
X1 George Derbyshire, NFEA + ACT
Working with Clarity - A workshop for business support professionals
S5 Patience DONWA, University of Benin + Osaro Agbontaen, Pan-African University
Small Business Development and Mentoring: The Experience of Matt-Front Enterprise
E1 Iain Downs, Iain Downs Consulting Limited
How to get good, commercial sofware built: Everything you ever wanted to know but ..
B6 Thomas (Tommy) du Plessis, North-West University
Access to finance as an obstacle to SME growth in South Africa
C1 Philip Duffield, Willow Park Housing Trust
Enterprise in Deprived Communities
C2 Dennis Dzansi, Central University of Technology, Free State + Vicky Koma, Central University of Technology, Free state
Killing two birds with one stone
E4 Michael Ellacott, E4A Ltd
CloudBubbles - the free way to dramatic profit improvement
A3 Mark Ellis, SFEDI Awards
Why enterprise must be seen as a qualified professional career
M4 Emmanuel Ezedum, Centre for Entrepreneurship & Development Research
Training Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners in Nigeria: The CEDR Experience
C2 Abimbola Fayomi, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife + Bolanle. C Simeon-Fayomi, Faculty of Education, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria
Endangered Species: Problems of Sustaining Indigenous Enterprises in SouthwestNigeria
E4 Pascal Fintoni, The Centre for eBusiness
E50 Learning Zone case study - transforming business support via elearning
M1 Jane Fowler, Munro Connections Ltd
The Importance of Customer Service Key Performance Indicators to Improving Profit.
M3 Giorgio Gandellini, University of Roma Tre, Rome
New decision making tools for exporting SMEs
B3 Diane Gaskin, Business Support Centre + Reginald Nyandeni, Business Support Centre
Linking micro-business to opportunities within the Corporate supply chain
Plenary A Alh. Babale Umaru Girei, World Association for Small and Medium Enterprises
SME Support Policies & Practice: Role of SME Associations
S1 Gordon Gough, Enterprise Northern Ireland
The Go For It programme in Northern Ireland-the role of local enterprise partnerships
A6 Jennifer Green, Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development
AKOUN – Abu Dhabi’s Entrepreneurship Awareness Campaign
E1 Peter Grigg, Enterprise UK
Building and Measuring Entrepreneurial Capital - Virgin Media Pioneers Programme
M1 Graham Hales, DeHales & Associates
Employing people in times of economic downturn
B4 Chris Hall, Nottingham Trent University
Student and Graduate Business Start-ups Do they fit University & Government Agendas?
C1 Eileen Hammond, Hammond Associates
Using celebrities to promote your social enterprise
A3 Elizabeth Hoge, Bridgewater College
Inspiring global entrepreneurial behaviors through short-term study abroad courses
Plenary A Kevin Horne, NWES
From bottom to top - making Lowestoft the most Enterprising place in Britain
M1 Richard Hoyle, MR Dynamics Ltd
Hare or Tortoise: Personality and the Entrepreneur
S6 Hashim Hussein, United Nations Industrial Development Organization
Enterprise Development & Investment Promotion Program / Stimulating Entrepreneurship
Plenary A David Irwin, Irwin Grayson Associates
Plenary A Chair: Enterprise Support Policy -vs- Practice
C5 Sue Jackson, whitespace coaching + Kasia Kurowska, Newcastle University
Encouraging olderpreneurship: a collaborative ESF project with Newcastle University
B3 Mohammed Jibrin, National Board for Technology Incubation (Federal Ministry of Science & Technology) + Taiwo A. Somefun, National Board for Technology Incubation (Fed. Min. of Sc. & Tech.) Abuja, Nigeria. + Patricia Uche Chukwu, National Board for Technology Incubation (Fed. Min. of Sc. & Tech. Abuja. + Abdul Fatah Shittu, National Board for Technology Incubation (Fed. Min. of Sc. & Tech.) Abuja , Nigeria. + Isah M. Yusuf, National Board forTechnology Incubation(Fed. Min. of Sc & Tech), Abuja, Nigeria.
Creating Entrepreneurs for Value- Addition in Nigeria Using Technology Incubation.
C5 Katherine Jones, University of Worcester
Grow our Own: Entrepreneurial Alumni Network supporting graduate business development
A5 Patricia Joubert, University of Swaziland + Peter Rosa, Commonwealth Secretariat
Role of Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development Centres in African Universities
E4 Krishan Khanna, i2K Solutions
'Dynamind' a 100% interactive internet based e-Teacher with one-to-one mentoring
M5 Sylvie Laforet, University of Sheffield
An investigation of innovation development in small family business and implications
A6 Gerard Liston, Laisterdyke Business & Enterprise College
Enterprising Inspiration for Youth: In Bradford, Sheffield, Cardiff ... and New York
M3 Peter Lloyd, Du Cane Associates Ltd
Ready for the world? A layered approach for small businesses trading internationally
B5 Gary Lumby, Yorkshire & Clydesdale Banks
Access to Finance for SME's - Supply or Demand issues?
C1 Alastair MacColl, Business & Enterprise North East
Business support & enterprise for the 21st Century: Transforming economies.
B1 John Martin, John Martin
Advisory Support for new and established businesses
M2 Helen Matushevskaya, General Computers
The rise of mono national brands: When Your Name Means a New Medical Business
Plenary C John May, Young Enterprise UK
Plenary C Chair: Enterprising Inspiration for Youth - making enterprise your living
E3 John McCarthy, LeadSure Ltd
Podcasting the Small Firm
E4 Rory MccGwire, BHP Information Solutions Ltd
Providing online business support and building up your network – on a shoestring
A3 Gary McEwan, Enterprise North East Trust
Creating future business leaders through 'The Recruit'
S1 Tom McLaren, The GO Group + Iain Robertson, The GO Group Ltd
Creating an Integrated Approach to SME Support (Case Study from Scotland)
B5 Stewart McLean, Angels Den
What do Business Angels really look for?
S3 John McMahon, Forum 21 Ltd.
The Forum 21 Model - High Impact Business Support in A Resource Constrained Context
B1 Ged Mirfin, Business Link Northwest + Neil Geoghegan
Entrepreneurialism is a Middle Class Phenomenon - Pre-Start Enquiries at BLNW 2007-10
E5 Ged Mirfin, Business Link Northwest + Neil Geoghegan
Get on Your Bikes Together: Business Forums - Self Sustaining Business Communities
S5 Mark Modena, Winning Moves Ltd + Colin Bell, Winning Moves Ltd
Benchmark a powerful tool to create sustainable supply chains in developing countries
S2 Mark Modena, Winning Moves Ltd
Delivering More For Less - Using Online Tools to Support SMEs and Define Policy
B1 Charles Monck, Charles Monck & Associates + Charles Monck, Charles Monck & Associates
Science parks and Innovation Centres in the new economic environment in the UK
C6 Claire Morley-Jones, ABDN
Women Inspiring Business and Enterprise
A5 Wilson Mutyaba, Enterprise Development Centre
Entrepreneurship Training and Education and its impact on SMME in South Africa
Plenary A Barry Naisbitt, Santander UK plc
Economic Overview
M4 Maria- Barbara Noack, M.Sc., Federation of Small Businesses + Maria-Barbara Noack, M. Sc, C/o Roundabout-Europe
Identifying Growth and Innovation
S5 Friday Okpara, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria
The Promotion and Development of MSMEs in Nigeria: The SMEDAN Approach
M4 Taofeek Owoseni, CreditLink Microfinance Bank Limited + Mutiu Gbade Rasaki, Emmanuel Alayande College of Education,Oyo, Oyo State, Nigeria
The Efficiency of Participatory Curriculum in Entrepreneurship Training in Nigeria
C5 Emma Parry, Inova Consultancy + Sophia Protopapa, Federation of Hellenic Associations of Young Entrepreneurs
Fostering Entrepreneurial Spirit in Female Undergraduates/Graduates across Europe
C6 Wendy Parvin, Conversations with Purpose + Dinah Bennett, International Centre for Entreprenurship and Enterprise(ICE)
Accelerating female entrepreneurship through mentoring and networking: a case study
Plenary B Andy Penaluna, Swansea Metropolitan University
Plenary B Chair: Entrepreneurship Education Policy -vs- Practice
B4 Martino Picardo, UMIC Ltd
10 Years of succesful business incubation; value and wealth creation through start-up
B3 Ishaku Polycarp, Central Bank of Nigeria + Adamu Yangbasa Dangana, Central Bank of Nigeria
The Role of Central Bank Of Nigeria in Enterprise Promotion
A6 Stefania Popp, Junior Achievement - Young Enterprise Romania
Entrepreneurship Education in school? Facts on Eastern European Enterprise Education
A6 Will Pratt, a4e Education & Enterprise + Michael Glenn, a4e Education & Enterprise
Sowing the Seed
A1 Sheila Quairney, Sheffield Hallam University
Student Enterprise in ‘Steel City’ (Sheffield)
S2 Simon Robertshaw, Sandbox + Paul Egglestone, University of Central Lancashire
MELD; an innovation lab model for multidisciplinary teams to generate real business.
S5 Iain Robertson, The Go Group Ltd + Tom Mclaren, The GO Group Ltd
Creating a Business Support Model in the Developing World (Case Study - St Vincent)
M2 Edward Ryder, Biskit Ltd + Angela Whitlock, Whitlock Boyle
How to build your own SME marketing toolkit.
Plenary A Doug Scott, TEDCO + George Derbyshire, NFEA
Enterprise agencies - yesterday, today, tomorrow?
S1 Jonathan Scott, Teesside University + John Thompson, University of Huddersfield + Ron Downing, University of Brighton
Linking Policy and Practice: The Challenge Going Forward
Plenary A Leigh Sear, SFEDI Solutions + Nat Hardwick, Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs
Chasing the Dream? Developing demand-led forms of enterprise support
B3 Olga Shimbireva, Russian Research Centre of Surgery of the Russian Academy of Medical Science + Martyn Benson FIBC FRSA FCIB, RiDO, Rotherham, UK + Helen Matushevskaya, General Computers, Moscow, Russian Federation
New Business Opportunities in Medical Practice using Business Incubation methods
Plenary B Charles Skene, The Skene Group
What is an entrepreneur?
A1 Matt Smith, NACUE
The State of Student Enterprise: A NACUE Report
E4 Richard Smith, PIXELearning Ltd
How is online gaming and immersive learning being used for business training?
C5 Laurie South, PRIME + Robert Ashton
Encouraging enterprise amongst mature entrepreneurs - male and female
B2 Kath Sutherland, Association of Disabled Professionals
What are you talking about puddings for? The benefit of plain language in advice
S5 ZSuzsanna Szabo, Petru Maior University of Tirgu Mures + Liviu Marian
The Impact of Knowledge and Policy on Entrepreneurship in Romania in Time of Crisis
A3 Vesa Taatila, Laurea University of Applied Sciences
Learning-by-Developing as a basis of learning for enterprising
A1 Brian Tanner, Durham University + Max Robinson, Kromek Ltd
A 7-year Blueprint for Inspiration
S4 (Peter) Martin Theron, Institute of Business Advisers (SA)
Professionalising the Institute of Business Advisers in South Africa
S3 David Thomas, Winning Pitch
Coaching for High Growth: Insights from delivering NWDA High Growth Programme
Plenary B John Thompson, University of Huddersfield
What should entrepreneurship education, whatever we might mean by this, consist of?
C2 William Tippett, Ketso
Creative engagement with community members and stakeholders
S5 Sonali Tipre, Margin'sview Management Services
SME's - The Growth Engines for India Inc
A6 Stephan Van der Merwe, North-West University + André Steenekamp, Private
Enterprise promotion through youth entrepreneurship development: South African case
A5 Pradeep Wagh, Development Education International Society + Kashmira Wagh, Development Education (International) Society,DEIS,Pune,India
Entrepreneurship Education Policy and Practice: India Government and NGO cooperation
Plenary B Pradeep Wagh, Development Education International Society
Entrepreneurship Education, Policy and Practice: India Government and NGO Cooperation
Plenary C Jane Walton, YPEF Services Ltd
Inspired and informed, now influence
C1 Robert Weaver, C3 Connected Consulting Ltd
Enterprise for All - Principles of Inclusive Business Support
E4 Phineas Wenlock, University of Essex (VentureNavigator)
VentureNavigator - Online Communities for Business Support
A3 Barry Whitehouse, Wolverhampton University Business School + John Bates, Wolverhampton University Business School
Using KTPs to introduce students to real world SME problems
C1 Barry Whitehouse, Wolverhampton University Business School + John Bates, Wolverhampton University Business School
Fundraising: a vehicle to experience enterprise & evaluate entrepreneurial potential
E4 Marianne Whitfield, Cobweb Information
The Engine Room: A platform for linking and sharing enterprise expertise
M4 Angela Whitlock, Whitlock-Boyle Ltd + Les Yuen, Marketing Pays Ltd
Mental Marketing – Getting A Head In Business


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