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21 summaries in A - Advancing entrepreneurship education – inspiring young people


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Topic Lead presenter + Co-presenters and Title Presentation
A1 John Breen, Victoria University
Developing Entrepreneurs at University: An Australian Case Study
A1 Sheila Quairney, Sheffield Hallam University
Student Enterprise in ‘Steel City’ (Sheffield)
A1 Matt Smith, NACUE
The State of Student Enterprise: A NACUE Report
A1 Brian Tanner, Durham University + Max Robinson, Kromek Ltd
A 7-year Blueprint for Inspiration
A3 Tina Boden, Winning Moves
Entrepreneurship & Young People - nature or nurture: educate or inspire?
A3 Mark Ellis, SFEDI Awards
Why enterprise must be seen as a qualified professional career
A3 Elizabeth Hoge, Bridgewater College
Inspiring global entrepreneurial behaviors through short-term study abroad courses
A3 Gary McEwan, Enterprise North East Trust
Creating future business leaders through 'The Recruit'
A3 Vesa Taatila, Laurea University of Applied Sciences
Learning-by-Developing as a basis of learning for enterprising
A3 Barry Whitehouse, Wolverhampton University Business School + John Bates, Wolverhampton University Business School
Using KTPs to introduce students to real world SME problems
A5 Catherine Abiola Akinbami, Centre for Industrial Research and Development
Preliminary issues in entrepreneurship education development – Nigeria context
A5 Naji Al Mahdi, National Institute for Vocational Education,
Developing Employability Skills through Entrepreneurship
A5 Patricia Joubert, University of Swaziland + Peter Rosa, Commonwealth Secretariat
Role of Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development Centres in African Universities
A5 Wilson Mutyaba, Enterprise Development Centre
Entrepreneurship Training and Education and its impact on SMME in South Africa
A5 Pradeep Wagh, Development Education International Society + Kashmira Wagh, Development Education (International) Society,DEIS,Pune,India
Entrepreneurship Education Policy and Practice: India Government and NGO cooperation
A6 Jackie Brierton, Young People's Enterprise Centre of Expertise (YPECOE)
Enterprise Support for a new generation of Entrepreneurs
A6 Jennifer Green, Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development
AKOUN – Abu Dhabi’s Entrepreneurship Awareness Campaign
A6 Gerard Liston, Laisterdyke Business & Enterprise College
Enterprising Inspiration for Youth: In Bradford, Sheffield, Cardiff ... and New York
A6 Stefania Popp, Junior Achievement - Young Enterprise Romania
Entrepreneurship Education in school? Facts on Eastern European Enterprise Education
A6 Will Pratt, a4e Education & Enterprise + Michael Glenn, a4e Education & Enterprise
Sowing the Seed
A6 Stephan Van der Merwe, North-West University + André Steenekamp, Private
Enterprise promotion through youth entrepreneurship development: South African case


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