How to get good, commercial sofware built: Everything you ever wanted to know but ..

Mr Iain Downs, CEO

Iain Downs Consulting Limited

3 Mill Lane,

Pannal  HG3 1JX 
United Kingdom

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Type of Presentation: Workshop

Aims: Increasingly, software programs are an important part of products. Whether this is a main or sole part (products like Microsoft Word), a component (e.g. a progam to control or configure your machine or system) or a channel to market (such as an eCommerce site), software is often your users main way of buying, configuring or interacting with your product.

But building sofware is a complicated task and we all are familiar with frustrating software that doesn't make sense, doesn't do what you want and just plain doesn't work. This is especially daunting if you don't have a technology background.

This presentation seeks to look at the various ways in which you can have software developed, what the pitfalls are, how to identify the right people and how to manage the process.

Background: Iain Downs has been building successful commercial sofware products for 30 years. For the last 12 years he has been a freelance consultant working with a range of mainly small to medium sized companies to improve or create their software products.

Results: See the best method of development: recruitment, contract, consultant, outsourcing or a mix. See how to manage the project risk and get the best quality and performance for the least cost. See how to make the product right for your client. See how to make the most profit from your software!

Keywords: Software, Software development, Project Management, Risk Management

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