Podcasting the Small Firm

DR John McCarthy, Director

LeadSure Ltd

21 Churchill Road, 21 Churchill Road

Bicester  OX264tr 
United Kingdom

  E-mail: j.mccarthy@leadsure.co.uk

Type of Presentation: Workshop

Aims: This presentation will offer advice to small firms on how to use podcasts to increase market reach and penetration. It will offer simple straightforward ideas and techniques that can provide a cost effective way of creating your own podcast.

Background: Audio and video transmissions via web sites and social media portals is now becoming increasingly common. The coupled with the use of portable devices such as ipods and smart phones allows users to watch or listen whilst on the move. This presents a valuable opportunity for firms to offer information and updates to current and potential customers in a new innovative way.

Action: Participants will be able to understand the logistics of creating a simple podcast and will be given advice on the most cost effective software to achieve there broadcast. This will include methods of spreading the news via social networking sites and embedding the podcast into your own web site.

Results: The session will offer practical advice on how to create and deliver a podcast for your firm. It shows the pitfalls and hurdles to podcast creation and delivery. It also demonstrates how multi channel delivery can increase your web presence and thus potentially increase sales.

Lessons: Participants will have a better understanding of social media and podcasting and how it can relate to there business.

Keywords: Podcast , audio, social networks, small firm, video

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