Creative engagement with community members and stakeholders

Dr William Tippett, Director


12 Belmont,

Kendal  LA9 4JP 
United Kingdom

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Type of Presentation: Workshop

Aims: Often civic engagement asks community member’s opinions on pre-formed solutions, instead of helping them develop their own ideas. A lack of real engagement leads to less ownership and action. The presentation aims to provide participants with ideas how to improve community collaboration and stakeholder engagement using Ketso, and how this has been achieved in the form of a real example.

Background: Ketso's founder, Dr. Joanne Tippett, first devised the Ketso system while working in Lesotho (South Africa) helping villagers to plan a better future. Dr. Tippett noticed that the system encouraged better group collaboration and learning and overcame language and experience barriers. Ketso has now been developed, trialed and tested on 5 continents in over 11 countries, including Bangladesh, Germany, Australia, USA and Afghanistan. Since then, Ketso has become a social enterprise and is succesfully used to engage community members and stakeholders in a variety of projects.

Action: Using Ketso, community members participated in the rejuvination of a former landfill site in Moston Vale (North Manchester). The enthusiasm and contributions generated by this community involvement led to the decision by the Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA) to fund the project.

Results: The project received £1.7 million environmental regeneration funding via the £59m Newlands programme. A further £4.9 million has just been annonced for Moston Vale on the back of the success of this project.

Lessons: With the onset of the Big Society, the legal ‘duty to involve’ communities in decisions on public institutions and the Sir John Egan review on the need for greater engagement, there is currently a real opportunity for change. Ketso provides the tools and methods needed for effective engagement.

Keywords: Engagement, Community, Creativity, Stakeholders, Decision making

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