Make the Most of Every Lead - Keep your Leads Red Hot

Mr Phil Callaghan, Managing Director

MD, Caltech CRM

Unit 66 annexe 4 Batley Technology Park, Grange Road, Batley

Wakefield  WF176ER 
United Kingdom

Tel: 01924 507 280  E-mail:


Type of Presentation: Workshop

Aims: To demonstrate what leads are, where they come from, and in what stage - ready to buy, partnership, not ready to buy. Give hints on managing leads effectively and if they are hot how to deal with them as opposed to lead nurture. The presentation will give tips on managing the gatekeeper, scoring leads to understand where they are in the buying cycle, it will discuss a closed loop lead management, and how leads evolve and change.

Background: The speaker is Phil Callaghan MD of Caltech CRM. He has been working in this field for over a decade and has worked with many industries working with their processes.

Phil has predominantly worked in a sales role for most of his working life. He has managed leads for his own businesses for over 25 years.

Action: This presentation will give advice on how to manage leads, and processes, how to get leads to buy and move them through the cycle. It will help to advise how to identify hot leads, and evolving leads. The presentation will display how to manage 'pots' of leads and 'pooling' for lead nurture and ease of management.

Results: The results are that there should be a more engaged, better management of leads which will make organisations more profitable so they don't defect by purchasing from a competitor, forgetting about them or not buying at all.

Lessons: How to manage leads, at all stages in the buying cycle.

Keywords: Lead management, lead automation , Software for process, Return on investment, Maximise efforts

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