Enterprise Development & Investment Promotion Program / Stimulating Entrepreneurship

Dr Hashim Hussein, Head, UNIDO ITPO / ARCEIT Bahrain

United Nations Industrial Development Organization


Manama  10523 

Tel: 973 17536881  E-mail: hashim@arceit.org

Website: http://www.arceit.org

Type of Presentation: Workshop

Aims: The UNIDO Program aims at helping potential entrepreneurs to translate their ideas into commercial ventures in manufacturing/service sector. It also assists existing micro-, small- and medium size enterprises in expanding their capacities by attracting domestic and foreign investments. The program is result-oriented in the sense that the entrepreneurs are expected to set up his/her own business enterprise - appropriate to his/her abilities and background or expand already operational ventures as a result of the targeted training and technical assistance.

The program is a full package approach that links financial and non financial servcies to MSMEs. Through four stages Preparation & Empowerment; business counseling & Technology tie-up leading to joint ventures; financial linakges and finally virtual & in-wall incubation together with the development of growth programs.

Background: The same methodology has been adobted in Middle East North Africa: Bahrain, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, Sudan, Lebanon, Egypt & Tunisia
Asia: China, Laos / Africa: Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Ghana and Uganda / Latin America: Uruguay

Results: In the case of Bahrain the EDIP implementation since its inception in 2001 has assisted 1500 entrepreneurs of which 577 new enterprises were established and are undergoing sustainable growth levels. The estimated size of investment generated through these entrepreneurs amounts to 1 billion USD which has led to the creation of 13,000 jobs.

Lessons: The successful implementation of the EDIP in any country, involves a strategic partnership between various support institutions with the ultimate goal of assisting potential entrepreneurs and SMEs. Entrepreneurs benefit directly from the EDIP as it helps them realize their dreams and aspiration to develop and grow either their exiting business or start-up new ones.

The practical implementation of the EDIP, provides a wealth of feedback that is utilized by governmental agencies and policy makers to modify and provide better service to entrepreneurs.

Accordingly, this leads support institutions both public and private to offer higher added value services.

Keywords: Domestic Investment , Foreign Investments, EDIP, Entrepreneurship, UNIDO

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